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Meet Our Family Team
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family 2016
The beginning of our Journey 2016
On Christmas Eve, we gathered together and video taped the kids excitedly jumping around as we opened the ultrasound photo to reveal at last, that the little peanut we are all awaiting is a .... baby brother!  

Our Family 2020

The Trouble Trio
trouble trio
Anessa, Julius, Alexander
These are our youngest, our fastest, our triple fuel burners. We never imagined our "parents of 2" life would soon be so FULL of life!  After having our 2 girls, we tried unsuccessfully for 5 years in hopes for just one more child.  About the time we started to lose faith is when we became pregnant with little Alex.  Our last 2 Chiclets were a complete surprise and came so quickly after our son that we sometimes wonder how and where did the time go between hoping for a successful 3rd pregnancy and having 5 bambinos running around the house!  We are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to parent such a unique squad of completely different personalities and full of life children.    

    our  STORY   and  our Logo

   Is there a story behind our Picture Logo? Is there meaning behind it? 

Our logo consists of 3 parts; a colorful bubbled "Tree of Life". Next to the tree is a bird house and sitting in the bird house is….. look closely... a little bird! This is Mali Bird she is the mama bird guarding her nest. Now for our story and how this drawing represents us. 

  Hi! My name is Alina. Im the  Mama bird at our literal bird house.  Our small family business took off when we realized we have another little egg soon to hatch . That makes us parents to 5 chicks!! 3 chicas and 2 chicos. We quickly realized that me working away from home would be much more difficult with our growing family. We threw some thoughts and ideas together and started something completely home bound. Our Tree represents "The Tree of Life" mentioned so many times throughout the bible and referenced in so many tongues and cultures. The Tree of Life is a symbol of the promise and hope that nature and mankind will soon be restored to perfection like it was intended in the very beginning. It is also a an iconic symbol for the greatest love story ever written. 



    I've learned that no matter what someone starts to do; their passion, personality and values will be their guide to success or destruction.  Anyone who knows me, can attest to my passion and drive for health and fitness especially natural and holistic alternatives to our modern day options in food and medicine. I find it intriguing that God created everything so perfect and how unfortunately, sin destroyed and is still destroying our Original God intended Perfect World. I truly believe that God (not mother nature) when he created Adam & Eve had the best "Go Green" Nature & Eco System built for us to thrive and sickness and death was never in the picture. This is my passion and the foundation to most of my logic and thinking. I would love to and truly hope to start a blog soon to expand on this topic and share the daily insight and inspiration I see in Nature and how science amidst so much evolutionary controversy has shined light and given me undeniable faith in God. 

We are very excited to bring new and high quality Natural wooden toys and baby products to the market.

   We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and love hearing from our customers. Chat with us here or send us an email.  Thank you for supporting our family business.  We love our customers specially the little ones. 

                            Mali Wear

....and us...


Standing next to me is my amazing, devoted and selfless husband Alex. He is the hardworking backbone that enables me to even have the courage to think that I can be a stay at home mom. Our business would be unimaginable without his faith in me and his daily support with our kiddos and the never ending business's to do lists.   

funny. close
Mali and Dad
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