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Made by Mama Bear for Baby Bear

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Easy peasy lemon squeezy 

Make it yourself Mama! Follow these easy steps for a cute and simple Paci Clip!

Fold Cord in half.  keep the loop further from clip and Measure out approx 9.5 inches of cord to hang off of your metal clip. (note; strap will be a little shorter once knots are in at the the finish state)  

Wrap the cord a few times around clip. Make a tight knot. 

Do not cut the remaining cord just yet. 


Course the looped end of cord through the first bead. 

Use a large holed needle to course the remaining cord through the first bead.


You may now tie a knot and cut cord the remaining cord at this point and move bead over the knot.

(Make sure that the knot is super tight and the first bead is as tight to the clip as possible before adjusting the bead over the knot.)

If you don't want to cut the lose cord here, you can do it after any bead or keep coursing it through the remaining beads, this will make your clip more durable.


Once the desired amount of beads are on your clip make a tight knot.

(if your rope is thinner make sure to make extra knots)

Do a pull test on your last bead to ensure bead is tight and does not pass through your knot.

inst. diy,strap finished.jpg

Congrats!! You have mastered your own Teether/pacifier Clip! 

Made by mama's hands for her little one. 

Add a teether, a Toy or a Pacifier.

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Inspired by Nature & the Gift of Life

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