The Art of Oil Sealing & Essential Oils

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What is Oil Sealing? 


Oil Sealing is a technique used to coat and seal Natural Untreated Wooden Teethers and Toys to protect the grain or to add other natural health benefits. 

How to Oil Seal?

Oil sealing is easy & versatile!


Simplest method to oil sealing an untreated wooden teether is to use a drop or 2 of your favorite food grade oil ex: EVOO, coconut oil, flax seed oil and massage the oil into the teethers until an even coat is applied. Allow a few hours for oil to soak and penetrate the grains. A second layer can be applied and the teether is ready to be used right after the 2nd application. 

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What are the benefits ?

Oil Sealing has benefits!

Our wooden teethers are Natural Organic Never Treated or sealed with anything. Oil sealing your teether will help protect the grain from soaking and absorbing moisture once baby starts to chew on it.

Oils also serve a great benefit to overall oral health! Heard of Oil-pulling? Quality Food Grade Oils have additional healing and antimicrobial properties that aid oral health and can help prevent oral inflammation, gum disease and helps sooth sore gums!   

What about beeswax?

Natural beeswax is a natural food grade sealant. IT is anti-fungal, anti bacterial, healthy and edible and has strong antiseptic, healing and anti inflammatory properties! Adding Beeswax to your oil while sealing makes for a stronger natural sealant. Simply melt 1 gummy bear size of beeswax with 2 Tbsps of your choice Food grade oil and lather together unto the teether till fully coated. 

No need to over do it. A little bit goes a long way.  This should be enough for 6-8 teethers.

Essential Oils for Teething Tots


We believe in Natural Holistic Remedies whenever possible!  Why? Choosing natural alternatives helps us avoid unnecessary toxins, preservatives and side affects!  We, at Mali Wear, believe that God created a natural pharmaceutical for our healing and well being! Unfortunately, Man has put aside the practice of God's  natural growing pharmacy and turned to quick over the counter and prescription fix its, and we are paying a hefty price for this! 

Benefits of Essential Oils for Teething

As popularity among EO users grows and with more and more clinical studies made on their effectiveness. Parents are turning to this natural remedy even for their youngest family members!  

Essential oils are well known for their amazing health beneifits in the world of natural healing!  The most amazing benefits of eo's are their antibacterial, antiviral properties and that fact that their molecular structure is so compatible & effective with the human body. 

Apply by rubbing your ready to use EO blend (or dilute EOs with coconut oil) directly on the wooden teethers or baby's gums. 

  Do not use EOs with plastic, rubber or metal toys 

for more info on Essential Oils visit 

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 Love your Essential Oils?

already using EOs and want to do it yourself?! 

We have an easy DIY recipe! 

Where can I buy CPTG essential oils to do it myself?


Would like more information on CPTG oils? Contact our wellness consultant Liliya Zotta

at or (315) 525-2061

What's in the Blend?

Only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Used

10 ml dark glass roller bottle

 5 drops Copaiba

 3 drops Roman Chamomile

 2 drops Lavender

MCT (fractionated coconut oil) 

Our EO Teething blend is made specially for tiny tots' teething stage using only CTPG essential oils and MCT coconut oil as a base. 

Our formula is intended to help relieve sore gums, sooth and provide an natural oral antiseptic.  

The products sold herein are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition.  All Liability and safe use of our products are assumed by the buyer and user.  Information on this page and website has not been reviewed by the FDA and should be used at readers discretion and with doctors approval.