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Cotton Ribbed Tights for Children 3 months and up.

80% Cotton with polyester and  spandex

Durable Quality for everyday wear and perfect for dressy wear!

Fitting reference:

XS 0-6m. - fits best babies NB -3 months

Sm 6-18m fits best babies 4-16 months

M 18-36m fits best babies 16-30 months

Lg 2-3 yrs fits best babies 2-3 years

XL 3-4 yrs fits best for kids 3-4 years old

XXL 4-6 yrs fits best for kids 4.5 -6. years old

XXXL 6-8 yrs fits best for kids 6.6 -7.5 years old

We make our Tights in small batches. Some color may sell out quicker then others.

Feel free to send me a message if you need a color that is out of stock, I can help with expected dates.

Although we use same measurements for all our batches, each batch maybe slightly different from the prior.

Please note some minor difference of up to 4 millimeters in total length of sock can happen.

Socks are 95% cotton and 5% spandex

Kids Baby Girl Boy Cotton RIBBED TIGHTS Leggings Stockings Pantyhose with Spande

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    Inspired by Nature & the Gift of Life

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