Our Marcus Montessori Wooden Rattle is cut from Natural Untreated Beech Wood.  Our Wooden toys are Eco-Friendly, Never treated or sealed only sanded down to a smooth perfection. Our Wooden toys always come with a package of our Local NY State beeswax and insturctions if Oil sealing is preferred. 


  • Natural Untreated Unsealed Beech Wood
  • Helps alleviate teething discomfort and provide Hours of entertainment.
  • SUPPORTS BABY’S EARLY MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Baby works on Hand and Eye coordination all while enjoying relief from teething discomfort.
  • WHY CHOOSE WOOD? Wood has Natural ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL properties making wood a superior teething choice. Unlike Silicone, wood doesn’t attract dust! No need to keep rinsing it.
  • GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT! Packaged in a beautiful brown gift box- ready for gifting.

                        Story of the Marcus Montessori Rattle

     Our Marcus Montessori Wooden Rattle is named after our precious nephew whom was a surprise pregnancy along with our unplanned 5th pregnancy.

 ...now our boys are only 2 weeks apart and we get to celebrate our greatest surprises every year together.

     Not everything that is planned is planned by us. Sometimes we just need to trust that There is a Greater Master Planner.


Marcus Montessori 3 Ring Wooden Rattle

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