Pink Owl Crochet Teething Clip



  • Made with all New Natural Material (beech/maple wood, cotton, metal clip w/wooden button)
  • Made from Sustainable Material, Green Product line


  • Double Knotted for Safety and Peace of Mind.
  • 3rd Party Tested for all US standards as a Children's Product.


  • Delicate colors and patterns
  • Compliments any outfit.


Practicle and Modern solution to keep your teething tot entertained and help him with teething discomfort.

  • baby shower –Makes cute and memorable baby shower gift
  • Very Convenient CLIP AND GO style. Cute enough to take everywhere baby goes and clips on so baby doesn’t lose his personal teether.
  • Prevents sharing Bacteria -Personal baby teethers help babies avoid other toys and belongings from becoming drooling and teething subjects.
  • Did you Know - Wood has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, making wood a great teething option.
  • Oil sealing before use is also a great way to preserve the wood from drying and getting rough. Please use at your discretion- Advised age on this product is teething age 3-12months. Please note that children with fully developed teeth may be able to chew or tear beads and string. Do not use with high temp water or heat as it may cause wood to dry, crack and become rough. Please do not leave your child unattended with this product. Discard immediately if damaged as it may become a potential choking hazard.

Natural wooden teething clip - pink owl

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