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About Us

Welcome to Olive & Cradle. 

We are a small family owned shop in Charlotte NC.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and love hearing from our customers. Contact us and let us know how we are doing!  Thank you for supporting our family business.  We love our customers specially the little ones.


Olive and Cradle

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Our Values

About Us - Olive and Cradle - Family Owned Baby Clothing Business Christmas 2020 - Family


Family is our foundation. We believe in creating nurturing environments that cultivate belonging and support.

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Faith has showed us that every challenge is an opportunity to grow. Through belief and gratitude we find strength.

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Our commitment to quality and attention to detail reflects our dedication to our customers, with unique and cherished items.

Our Journey...

We never imagined our "parents of 2" life would soon be so FULL of life!  After having our two girls, we tried unsuccessfully for five years in hopes for just one more child.  We started to lose faith and that was when we became pregnant with little Alex.  Our last two chiclets were a complete surprise and came so quickly after our son that we sometimes wonder how and where did the time go.

In 2016 we discovered we were expecting our fifth child! Working outside of home was becoming difficult and being a stay at home mom was the step forward that we were afraid to make. During this pregnancy, some of our handmade baby crochet pacifier clips became a hit, as well as, our Amish made bonnets. This was the beginning of our baby shop.

Standing next to me is my amazing, devoted and selfless husband Alex. He is the hardworking backbone that enables me to even have the courage to think that I can be a stay at home mom. Our business would be unimaginable without his faith in me and his daily support with our kiddos and the never ending business's to do lists.

Reflecting on our journey, we marvel at how our family, once just four of us, has blossomed into a lively household of seven. Our beautiful surprises has us in awe of how our family grew in the blink of an eye. I Thank God for his sweet surprises and the much needed push that he gives us to keep us going forward and believing that he will provide.

God never disappoints!


❤️ Olive & Cradle

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